Want BEAUTIFUL, LONG, FULL lashes? Eyelash extensions will add LENGTH, CURL, and THICKNESS to your lashes-while eliminating the need for mascara or eyelash curlers. Transform thin, short, straight or light-colored lashes into the lashes you have always wanted! This is done by applying a synthetic mink or silk eyelash directly on to your natural lash – one lash at a time. These Semi-Permanent lashes are Weightless, Comfortable, Long Lasting and Water-proof!

The lashes come in many different lengths and you will be able to choose the size and length that is best for you whether you want a dramatic or more natural look.


At this time I'm not accepting new clients. However, I do have a waiting list. If you would like to be contacted once I have an opening, please text me your name and number to 801-706-6959 and I'll add you to my list :)


Volume/Classic Lashes


These pics are from a fill (after I have cleaned up all the grown our lashes). I thought it would be good to show you a comparison between an eye done and one waiting to be started ;) So FLUFFY!!



I am very HONORED and SO PROUD to be able to say that I have been trained by the WORLD'S BEST in Volume Eyelash Extensions-Irina Levchuk. She is one of the judges in the BIGGEST Eyelash Extension Competition in the World and was absolutely incredible!! I also want to say THANK YOU to my beautiful model-Krisha who is in my pic, She was so delightful to work on!
This next picture is not my work but has some great information when considering Volume lashes. . . .

More VOLUME Lashes!!

Look at these beauties! I LOVE LOVE LOVE volume lashes. You get a much FULLER look and they are are so LIGHT and SOFT to wear.



Volume Lashes are the most LUXURIOUS Eyelash Extensions out there right now and are taking the industry by storm. People are loving them for how LIGHT and FLUFFY they are. With Volume Lashes you have anywhere from 2-6 very fine lashes applied to 1 natural lash of your own creating a SOFTER yet FULLER look and still with the beautiful length and curl that made you fall in love with the original Classic set of lashes. The results are absolutely STUNNING! Check out the difference between a Volume Set (top 4 photos) compared to a Classic set of lashes (bottom photos-taken a few years ago.) Both sets of pics are of the same model.

Good Things Utah Interview

Check out my clip from GTU. I was honored to be invited on the show to talk about eyelash extensions and answer some of my most commonly asked questions. I was a bit nervous but it was such a FUN experience. Enjoy!


1/2 Classic 1/2 Volume

Here is a good example of what the 1/2 & 1/2 looks like. So if you currently have Classic Extensions and want to upgrade or if you want the softness of Volume Lashes while still keeping the Boldness of the Classic Extensions, this is the set for you!!

Volume Lashes 2-4D

Maddie has been a client for years and we did some VOLUME LASHES on her today. She has the PRETTIEST color of eyes and is just beautiful!


Classic VS Volume

Here is a good comparison of Classic Extensions to Volume Extensions. The Classic Extensions on top is thicker per lash and the Volume Extensions on bottom has very fine lashes that have a softer, fuller look. Both are BEAUTIFUL!!


Now Volume Lash Trained and Certified!!!!

I am so proud and excited to be trained and certified by one of the BEST Russian Volume extension artists-Nadia Afanaseva. Nadia won the GOLD medal in 2013 in an Eyelash Extension competition in Russia. (That is where the BIG competitions are.) I knew that I wanted to learn from one of the best and feel very lucky to have been able to fly out and be a part of her amazing training that she is well known for.


They last HOW LONG?? SAY WHAT??

I have quite a few clients that can go much longer than the average person in between fills (3 weeks.) Not everyone will get these exact results because everyone's lashes are different. But I can say that I KNOW for a fact that these ladies are very gentle on their lashes and take VERY GOOD care of them to help them to last longer! I hadn't brushed them yet when I took these pics but even though they are grown out, you can see that they are not going in too CRAZY of directions. That's one of the reasons why it's SOOOOO important to have a very skilled technician-otherwise they start going in all different directions once they start growing out. So NO PICKING!! NO RUBBING!! DON'T BRUSH TOO MUCH!! DON'T TOUCH!! Oh and did I mention-****NO PICKING****


Brandi-Classic Set

Brandi has an amazing SHAPE and COLOR of eyes! So PRETTY! She wanted a more natural look so I only added about 20% length to her lashes…Her Natural lashes are very long already, but she wanted extensions so she didn't have to curl her lashes or wear mascara daily!

Jessie's Lashes

Doesn't she have the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!! This is a Classic set of Lashes on Jessie that are pretty dramatic. Jessie started out more natural but wanted a more dramatic look so we went extra Long and Curly with this set. It's very important to have CLEAN work where none of the lashes are glued together and they go in the right directions, otherwise it will all look like a big mess…especially as they grow out.


Layered 100% Real Mink

By stacking 100% Real Mink extensions to each of your individual Classic extensions, you can achieve an even more DRAMATIC look without adding too much weight. Because there are 2 extensions on a single natural lash there is a better bond and your extensions tend to last longer. This gorgeous client loves lashes to be as LONG and DRAMATIC as possible.


Jennifer's Lashes--UPDATE!

Jenn has had lashes for years and started out with a shorter more natural look and not has decided to go more dramatic. We did some extra curly longer lashes and you can see quite the difference from her last before and after post. Jenn's has some of the longest natural lashes I have ever seen so we went extra long with her extensions. I thought I would do just one eye so you can really see the difference between the Before and After. UPDATE-- The top 3 pics are of Jen with CLASSIC extensions on… We have since upgraded her to 2-3D Volume Lashes which are the bottom 2 pictures…


Meredith's Lashes

Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Lashes!

Kierstyn's Lashes

I love how great Kierstyn's lashes turned out. She has such pretty blue eyes, so even though we didn't go super dramatic, her extensions really stand out and soften up her look. All this without any mascara or eyelash curlers!!

Beth's Lashes

As you can tell Beth had beautiful lashes to begin with and she just wanted her eyes to look a bit more dramatic. We did a 1/2 set on her and didn't go too long but the extensions still really make her eyes stand out leaving her with a very pretty soft look!


Jessica's Lashes

Jessica has such beautiful eyes that show off her extensions. We went with a medium length and curl which offers a semi-dramatic look.
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